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Does your company want to invest in a video wall rental Houston? Or, does buying the equipment outright seem more appealing? The fact is, both options have their pros and cons. Getting to know more about what these advantages and disadvantages are is beneficial. It can help you make an educated decision about what is right for your business.

The Question of Buying or Renting a Video Wall

At some point, all businesses have to face hard questions. One of the most common is if it is smarter to buy or rent new technology. This includes video walls.

Video wall displays are considered a high impact on technology. When they are done right, they can grab your audience’s attention right away. This investment gives you the ability to put your brand up in lights.

The Appeal of Video Wall Displays

A video wall display is created by installing several monitors on a wall. One of the reasons video walls offer such a high impact is due to their size. These walls are quite versatile, too. Several features create this versatility, which includes:

  • You don’t have to create a single, large rectangle with the monitors. Create any shape or image you desire.
  • You can configure the monitors, so they act as a single, large screen.
  • There is the option to program the monitors, so they act independently of one another. This helps to create an array of effects.

With the versatility of these wall displays, many companies wonder if they need to buy or rent. While buying offers benefits, so does video wall rental in Houston.

Chauvet HD Video Panels

Chauvet HD Video Panels

When is Buying the Right Option?

There are several situations when it is more affordable to buy the video wall than to rent it.

Consider your IT department. Does it have the resources and time to begin a new project? Does the department reside in the business? Or, do you employ a third party vendor? If you don’t have an on-site IT department, buying this new technology is typically not the right move.

Do you plan on using the video wall in a single location? Or, do you want to move the video wall from place to place? Moving this is quite labor-intensive. If you don’t have a team on-site to handle this, the job is virtually impossible.

If you are planning on using the wall for highlighting your brand, purchasing the monitors is smart. You won’t have to worry about taking them down. You can also change the image on the monitors as it applies to certain times of the year.

Do you plan to use the wall monitors more than 15 times a year? If so, it is well worth the investment to buy the technology.

It is important to understand, most wall monitors are more complicated than most people think. Effective video walls are not created by displaying an image that is just divided up. As a result, the programming is often quite complex. If you buy the technology, you don’t have access to help with this programming. However, with video wall rental in Houston, you get ongoing support and service.

When to Choose Video Wall Rental Houston

There are many situations when renting a video wall in Houston is the better option. For example, is the skillset or your IT department limited? If so, they may not have the ability to program the monitors. Chances are you already know the work your IT department does. They have to maintain and program the monitors and computers your workers use each day. This is quite extensive. Now, think about what skills are needed to create a quality wall display. For some IT departments, this is beyond their scope and capabilities.

Another reason to rent a video wall is to help create high impact events. This is especially true if you don’t plan on hosting them very often. Renting the equipment means the rental company can help create and adjust the images displayed. You don’t have to worry about handling this.

Many companies use video walls for tradeshows and conferences. This means the technology needs to be put up and taken down quickly. It also needs to work without issue. Rental companies often stick around to ensure the video wall continues working properly. In some cases, they stay for the duration of your event.

Perhaps the biggest challenge of video wall use is calibrating the monitors. Most people have no clue how to do this. It can create an ineffective message. When you rent the monitors, the rental service takes care of all this for you. This leaves your IT department free to handle other tasks.

Video Wall Production

LED Video Wall Production

Is Buying or Renting Right for You?

Answering this question requires you to consider a few things. For example:

  • How are you planning to use the video wall technology?
  • Are you planning to move it at any point?
  • Can your IT department handle the configuration of the monitors?
  • How long do you need the monitors?

Consider the questions carefully. Also, remember that technology is improving all the time. As a result, the video wall you buy now may become outdated in just a few years. Avoiding this is easy. The solution is to rent the equipment.

Quality rental companies offer fair prices for the technology you need. You can take some time to compare prices. Or, you can just call Power Factory Productions. The technicians here can help ensure you know all the benefits of renting. They can also help ensure the system works during the event you have planned.

There is no question that video walls are appealing to many businesses. However, they are also used for other events. For example:

  • Create a slideshow for your wedding
  • Implement exciting graphics during a concert
  • Highlighting students during prom

As you can see, video walls are versatile. If you want to use one for your event, then contact Power Factory Productions today. They can help you understand why video wall rental Houston is the best option for your event.

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