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Contact Power Factory Productions, Inc. to get the best audio and visual equipment rentals in Houston. We’re able to share our services for people who need them for concert-like settings. Let’s say you’re a manager who needs to book a concert for several musicians. You can contact us to get the best deal on production equipment. This unique rental is beneficial for both you and the audience the artists are performing for them. Our rentals help a variety of different clients. Come and be apart of the experience!

We provide essential equipment that catches the attention of the audience you’re trying to engage with for your service. Our audio and visual facilities can be for portable speakers, convention centers, phone line hookups, and much more! What makes us unique is that our equipment has the best top-quality sound with breathtaking visuals to gauge your audience. We also take the time to learn about your event, the venue, and how you would like to interact with the crowd.

If you’re setting up a production setting for many people, we have got you covered. We believe in 100% customer satisfaction at all times. We’re committed to presenters and entertainers in the Houston area. Therefore, when you employ us, you know we’ll provide you with the best set up possible. Failure is not an option when it comes to your performance. We’re so confident in what we do that we give out package deals depending on what you need!

Get Your Full Package

If you employ our services, you’ll be able to receive package deals, which can be lowered even further with lighting and backline. If you have multiple shows, no problem! You’ll also be able to save even more when you schedule your events for various dates or events. Better yet, even our estimates are free of charge! As you can see, we do optimal service while trying to provide you with the best deals possible. You need a place where you can express your thoughts, opinions, or even yourself to your audience.

Power Factory Productions, Inc. understands your needs for rental equipment at affordable prices. We’re able to provide you with our full service. Our services also extend to businesses who want to do conferences. You’ll be able to get video services, installations, backline equipment, and more! Spruce up the way you present to your crowd when using Power Factory Productions, Inc. You’ll be able to leave a lasting impression on your audience.