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We can provide professional stage rentals for almost any event or party in the greater Houston area.
Having the right stage is important. If the stage is too small for the size of your event it won’t make the impact it is suppose too. The size of the stage should be equal to the size of the space vs. the size of the event based on the level of importance the presenters or performance is to the event.

Mobile StagesStaging Services

Complete Staging Services:

  • Affordable Covered Portable Staging
  • Full Hydraulic Stage
  • Sectional Staging
  • Covered Stages
  • Sound Wings
  • Camera Risers
  • FOH Risers
  • Drum Risers
  • Scaffolding

MSR SL100 Mobile Stage

Fast Friendly Service, Quick and Easy Setup!

Mobile stage rental in Houston is a great solution to suit most needs. The advantages of a mobile stage are 1) they are easy to set up, which means less time, less labor, and as a result less money. 2) They are very solid. Probably most of us are familiar with the tragic stories we’ve heard about stages collapsing in extreme weather conditions. These are mostly the fault of promoters not postponing the show when they should have and putting people at risk or even staging companies not properly securing their stages. Nevertheless, another advantage to the mobile stage is that it is much more solid. It has a very heavy base anchoring it in a sense to the ground. You never hear of a mobile stage which has been knocked over. 3) They can easily be delivered to almost anywhere.

Affordable Mobile Stage Rentals

Choose from a variety of Mobile Stages that will best fit your needs!

Stage Rentals in Houston that will fit your pocketbook

We also carry build to order stages which come in 4’x4′ or even 4’x8′ decks which can be assembled in various sizes and heights which means they can be installed pretty much anywhere, indoor or outdoor. That means that no matter what your staging needs are we can handle it.

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