Lighting Production 

Concert Lighting to meet your needs. Corporate Lighting, Intelligent and Conventional Lighting, Professional Installation.

Turn-Key Lighting Production

  • Intelligent Lights
  • Conventional Lights
  • Strobes
  • Ellipsoidal Lights
  • Lekos
  • Dimmer Racks
  • Foggers/Hazers
Club Lighting        Tent Concert Lighting

Lighting that will take your breath away!

  • Slow Crossfades
  • Fast Chase Scenes
  • Rich Darks
  • Brilliant Lites
  • Inovative Color Mixing
  • Stuttered Strobing

Lighting production is a form of art that accentuates the performance by highlighting key parts and elevating the mood. Imagine your dream event, what mood does it have? What kind of lighting? We have the tools and experience necessary to make your dream event come to life. Since lighting has a major effect on mood and tone, we understand that you need lighting that matches you. We will use lighting to enhance your story and help draw people into the experience. With the proper lighting, we can create an unforgettable event that will leave your audience wanting more. Our goal is to give you the equipment and services you need for a successful and professional debut.

Whether you are a DJ, a singer, or part of a theatre production, or even givng a seminar, lighting plays an important role in your performance. Poor lighting can be a distraction and leave you scrambling to make up for it in sound and visuals. It is also difficult to get that professional feel when using regular or even natural light. Overhead lights are often too harsh and natural light changes too frequently to get that perfect veiw. If you plan on recording the event, poor lighting will leave you with more time spent in the editing room than at the event itself. However, with the right equipment and skill anything is possible. Foggers. Chase scenes. Innovative colors that will leave your audience breathless. Thats why we are here. If the lighting misses a beat so will you. We understand that something as seemingly small as lighting is an essential detail in any production. To make the mood just right for your audience, it is important to make sure your lighting is spot on. We have the equipment and skill needed so you won’t have to worry. Let us set up your dream performance. We have all the equipment ready to go to make your event the success it was made to be. With our products and services we can help keep you on track and create the event you have been dreaming of.

We will be with you every step of the way. Planning can quickly become overwhelming. With so many details, something is bound to fall through the cracks. Don’t let lighting be one of them. With our highly qualified production team and award winning equipment we will learn about what makes you unique and strive to create an experience to match it. We will sit down and discuss with you about the event, the experience you want to create, and the venue you plan to host it at. With our help you will have less to worry about and more time to enjoy the experience for yourself. You get to focus on the goals you have set for the event and the role you play in reaching those goals. We will set the tone and help you become the star of your event. Productions are all about making an impact and we want to help you make your desired impact on the Houston area.

Live Concert Lighting Production



DJ Lighting Setup