Power Factory Productions has spent years assisting clients with all of their audio and video production needs. Whether you need audio, video, sound, or lighting aid, our team of experts is here to provide the best service at an affordable rate. Our mission is to provide high-quality production equipment and set up for all of Harris County. When you call us for our services, you take the first step to a better way of production design.

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Power Factory is Here to Bring You into the Future

As a provider of audio and visual equipment, we understand how essential it is to know what products are best. We offer the highest quality and most reliable AV equipment in Houston. With this equipment, you can create the ideal atmosphere and performance for your audience. We provide excellent services for all of our clients and optimal results from all of our equipment. Once you hear and experience our production services, you’ll know why so many others have chosen Power Factory Productions for their shows.

We offer services from Monday to Saturday from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. We know how significant it is to have an AV equipment provider that offers convenient times. With these six days, we can assist you with your next DJ gig or event at an affordable rate. We encourage calling us today to find out how we bring the noise to your next event. Make your first choice the right choice; make it Power Factory Productions.

Our Many Services that Work for You

Our priority is to ensure that your show goes smoothly with the best equipment in Houston. When we provide the tools for your event, we ensure that you have reliable and exceptional gear. With equipment ranging from audio to video, sound, and lighting, there’s no better time to get our services than now. With a lengthy list of services to choose from, there’s no wrong way to improve your event with us.

Audio/Visual Production

When it comes to AV production, you need the best equipment in the industry. That’s why Power Factory Productions offers you the most extraordinary equipment for your coming events. We understand that not every aspect of AV usage and set up is straightforward. To remedy this, we give you a breakdown of our products and which one will be perfect for your show. As an event production company, we strive for greatness for all of our clients. We include a variety of AV services that compliment your event with the best equipment in Houston. These services include:

  • Phone Line Hookups
  • Portable Meeting Rooms Speakers
  • Podiums/Lecterns
  • Lavalier Microphones
  • Wireless Microphones
  • Breakout Rooms
  • Flown Speaker Systems
  • Ballroom and Convention Centers
  • Complete Audio Interfacing

We incorporate cutting-edge technology into our services to ensure that you get the best results for your show. Whether it’s speakers, microphones, or other audio gear, you can be sure that we’ll provide crisp sound and rich visuals. Our team takes the time to learn your event and venue to ensure that you get the appropriate equipment and assistance required.

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Sound Production

Making sure that your sound quality is the best it can be for your event is crucial to ensure success. From concerts to exhibitions, Power Factory Productions dedicates its time and effort to make your live event a smashing accomplishment. We offer services such as delivery, pick-up, set up, and sound production and management. When you rent equipment from us, you can choose to have it delivered to your venue or pick it up from our base of operations.

With our setup option, we can help you get everything in order and ready to use. This enables you to worry more about your event and less about technical issues. With our aid, you’ll shave off precious time off of preparing for your event. If you need additional assistance, you can count on us. We can stay and support your event by managing and operating your audio. Our professional team can make sure that everything runs smoothly at an affordable rate.

System Integration

Having the right equipment is the first step to ensure that your event goes off without a hitch. However, there is much more to quality sound. For example, the best equipment doesn’t mean anything if it’s not appropriately integrated. With our help, you can enjoy the truly integrated sound you need without the stress of doing it yourself.

Audio and visual integration can make or break a concert, seminar, or other live events. That’s why it’s so imperative that you have everything tuned and prepped correctly. Power Factory Productions has a wide range of experience and knowledge for a variety of venue-types. No matter what your setting is, our experts can ensure optimal sound integration with little to no issue.

Lighting Production

While audio and visual aid is essential to a great show, lighting plays just as crucial of a role. With our amazing turn-key lighting production, you can enjoy high-quality results from your lights. This will give your show the boost it needs to go from good to great. Our lighting production services cover:

  • Conventional Lighting
  • Dimmer Racks
  • Foggers/Hazers
  • Lekos
  • Strobes
  • Intelligent Lights
  • Ellipsoidal Lights
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We also include lighting styles for things such as:

  • Rich Darks
  • Brilliant Lites
  • Stuttered Strobing
  • Slow Crossfades
  • Fast Chase Scenes

Whether you’re putting on a concert, play, interview, seminar, or other live events, getting the right lighting is essential. That’s why Power Factory Productions is here: To provide the best equipment to our fellow Houstonians. Regardless of what form of lighting you need or what venue it is for, you can be sure that we have your back.

In addition to our traditional lighting, we also offer an LED video wall. With this, you can give concerts and other live events the excitement they need to be successful.

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Power Factory Productions is devoted to ensuring your next big show or production is a hit with your audience. From audio, video, and lighting, these elements of the production must be the best they can be. With our support, you can rest assured that you’ll get the most reliable and excellent service in the industry. Call (281) 630-6900 or find us online for more information. Don’t wait until the last second to make your show perfect, contact us about our services today.