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We have the sound systems you need for your largest convention, your biggest concert production, right down to your smallest DJ event or party. Whatever your sound system needs are we have a solution that’s right for you!
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Sound Systems for any occasion:

  • Large Concert Line Array Systems                                                   Professional Digital Mixing Consoles
  • Medium Size Speaker Systems
  • Small Club Systems
  • Portable Sound Systems
  • Speakers on a stick
  • Monitor Systems
  • Digital Mixers
  • Analog Consoles
  • Wide Variety of Top Microphones


Sound Systems - Audio Speakers

Concert Sound Systems


Trying to decide on the right system to purchase or rent? Let us help make that decision an easy one. We are happy to share our knowledge with you.


 Complete Sound Systems at affordable prices!




Concert Sound Production for Large Arenas

When you’re doing a big event sound can be everything. When it’s perfect everybody is happy, when it’s not people notice. Having the right equipment is a big part of that, having people who know how to set it up and operate that equipment can be equally as important. Best left to the professionals for sure!

Line Array Audio Speaker Systems - Sound Systems

Line Array Speaker Systems


Knowing which equipment is the correct application for the circumstances is important too. Let our design team put the right sound systems together for you. Call and take advantage of our free consultation!

 Powerful Speaker Systems for all applications




Let the experts make your next event great! We take special care to consider all the details that go into making every event a success. Let us help plan for a great outcome of your next show so that everyone in attendance will remember it for a long time to come.

Arena Sized Sound Systems for Concerts & Special Events!


Sound Systems - Stage Production

Stage Production – Stage Sound Systems


Even when using smaller sound systems, care is needed in selecting and operating the equipment correctly. Many make the mistake of thinking that all equipment is created equal. They may decide on a certain speaker of system based on price or name alone. Many times this can be a mistake. A reputable company, for example, may build some marvelous products for professionals, this however does not mean that they will not make lesser quality products for an average consumer. These might not be a product that will work as good as a similar product on a more commercial end. Knowing the difference can be important. Why not let our experts help steer you in the right direction.

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