Sound Production

Concert Sound Production is our specialty. We provide Audio Equipment for any occasion, no job is too big or too small.   
Sound Production

 We offer everything from PA On A Stick to Full Concert Production: 

  • Large Frame Digital Consoles                                            Line Array Speakers
  • Medium Size Digital Desks
  • Large Frame Analog Consoles
  • 16 Mix Monitor Systems
  • Fully Flown Line Array Systems
  • Ground Stacked Line Array Systems                       
  • 8 Stack Conventional Speaker Systems                                        
  • Small Portable PA Systems
  • Small Club Systems
  • Front Fills
  • Side Fills                                                                                  Top Quality Audio Engineering!
  • Drum Fills                                                        Live Sound Production
  • Delay Towers
  • Satellite Speakers
  • Power Distribution
  • Generators




Concert Sound Production for Stadiums and Arenas

 Concert Sound Production


Concert Side Fill Arrays & Drum Fills

       We provide high quality stage gear like concert bi-amped monitor wedges, front fill cabinets, Line Array Speaker Cabinetsside fills, drum fills, as well as a wide variety of monitor consoles.


When power really counts be sure to use only the best!!!




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Audio Visual Production

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